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Low MOQ + Discount price + Hot items
Yes, I’m William, the Co-funder of Teemtry Jewelry Manufactory! Some people always ask me why choose Teemtry Jewels is better, here I can’t say another jewels are bad something. But I can say something about how to make ourselves better about gold plated jewelry.

1. Look for different styles of gold plated jewelry? yes, choose Teemtry! Compared to other jewelry suppliers, you can find more than totally Over 2,000 unique jewelry designs are in stock and besides, there are also nearly 500 new designs keep updated every month. Of course, newly designed gold plated jewelry can be searched timely. You are sure to find what you want definitely from here.
2. To buy hot selling gold plated jewelry? yes, choose Teemtry! Teemtry has the designers for the specific district. That means, you can have right jewelry stylist for you, so that you can guarantee the gold plated jewelry will be hot by the local. Besides, we regular analysis the sales data to research and find the fashion trends based local districts. so as to capture all the updating fashion jewelry designs on time, which in this way, it’s guaranteed to help you hot selling business can be confirmed absolutely.
3. Search Long-lasting gold plated jewelry? yes, choose Teemtry! We use double the amount of gold than our competitors.Only A or AAA grade CZ.40 mils of gold on rings.IPQC and 8D process. With the advancing plating technologies, all the gold plated jewelry here are in high quality, bright and dazzling in appearance as well as firm in chain. With three layers of coating, the luster therefore can be lasting for about more than 1 year. In addition, they all have got EC& SGS report, and certified to be lead and nickel free. You can be confirmed to get what you paid for and you will be offered with the lowest factory wholesale prices. Of course, you still need to know how to care your jewelry,after all, Africa is too hot.Your knowledge will help yourself establish a proffessional impression.
4. Consider a safe and faster delivery? yes, choose Teemtry! You can have so many payment methods to choose from, PayPal, Western Union, MoenyGram and Direct Visa, bank wire transfer etc. which can enable you to send payments quickly and securely under the highest commercially available encryption technology. And Even,there are secret method that you can send money by your country people, if you want this way,let me talk to you. Besides, your orders will be delivered for the following day because of our professional production experience. Beside, we can recommend the logic company owned your country people, it’s easy to community and track your delivery box.
5. Do not hesitate, yes, choose Teemtry! Undoubtedly you can get the greatest benefits when spending money buying gold plated jewelry with us. Jewelry industry is always evergreen business, as living standards improving, the requires in fashion will become larger and larger, if you have found a reliable supplier, your better business can be confirmed all the time. To know more about Teemtry Jewels, you can refer to our official website: and if you still have other questions, contact me directly. Now begin to find your favorite jewelry items now!

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