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Low MOQ + Discount price + Hot items Yes, I’m William, the Co-funder of Teemtry Jewelry Manufactory! Some people always ask me why choose Teemtry Jewels is better, here I can’t say another jewels are bad something. But I can say something about how to make ourselves better about gold plated jewelry.
1. Look for different styles of gold plated jewelry? yes, choose Teemtry! Compared to other jewelry suppliers, you can find more than totally Over 2,000 unique jewelry designs are in stock and besides, there are also nearly 500 new designs keep updated every month. Of course, newly designed gold plated jewelry can be searched timely. You are sure to find what you want definitely from here. 2. To buy hot selling gold plated jewelry? yes, choose Teemtry! Teemtry has the designers for the specific district. That means, you can have right jewelry stylist for you, so that you can guarantee the gold plated jewelry will be hot by the local. Besides, we regular analysis the sales data to rese…

How to Become a Wholesale Distributor of Jewelry

Whether you want to start a new business or add a revenue stream to what you're already doing, wholesale jewelry distribution offers an attractive choice, literally and aesthetically. You'll be selling a product that's always popular, whether it's fine gold, diamonds or funky fashion pieces, to other businesses or customers who share your love of beauty. You can also work from home because you'll need relatively little overhead or storage space.

Step 1 Decide whether you want to operate as a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) distributor. In the former case, you will be buying jewelry at wholesale prices and then selling it to jewelry retailers. The price you sell your wares for will be below retail pricing, but higher than your purchase price. If you have money for initial investments and a means for product storage, this is a good choice because you can buy in bulk, which gives you the highest margins to play with. You also have fewer customer…

Three kinds of gold plated jewelry you should wholesale

You most certainly know what gold jewelry is, but do you know what it means for a piece to be gold plated? One of the best things to satisfy the gold-urge is to wholesale gold plated jewelry. Then what kind of wholesale gold plated jewelry you should buy? Take the following three aspects into consideration.

1. 14K gold plated jewelry

14k gold jewelry contains 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy. 14K gold is generally considered to be the ideal karat gold for rings and wedding bands because it is strong yet will not easily tarnish. Probably 90% of all the gold engagement rings and wedding bands sold in China–whether yellow gold or white gold–are made with 14K gold. It still has a good yellow color for those wanting yellow bands instead of white. 14K gold plated jewelry wins large popularity nowadays and will last forever.

2. Rose gold plated jewelry

Rose gold is made from a gold and copper alloy. The more copper that is used, the stronger the rose color is. There is no such thing as pure rose gold,…