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* how to MADE IN CHINA

For a long time,“Made In China” has always been a hot topic. Now, Let’s talk about why you would import from China.
China is fast becoming a production super power, manufacturing a hefty proportion of the world’s consumer products - particularly in the technology sector.

And what does this mean to you?
Because the Chinese economy is in a growth period, costs of manufacturing are very low compared to elsewhere in the world. This presents a fantastic opportunity to you as a seller. By sourcing your merchandise directly from China, you are able to get extremely low prices per unit and turn them around for a high profit in your own country. There are an enormous variety of products produced in China from home ware, fashion, electronics, musical instruments, cosmetics, power tools and more.

Fashion jewelry (or costume jewelry) can be defined as any non precious jewelry, often where the emphasis is more on the design rather than on the intrinsic value.  Generally it will be made gold or silver plated metals (not generally solid silver), plastics, and glass beads, although can also include materials such as wood and leather. On occasions these can be made to imitate precious jewelry, but for a fraction of the cost. However, a great deal of fashion jewelry makes no attempt at imitation, it is more a case of designing something that looks unique, often achieving results that are not possible with precious jewelry.

Glass beads have been with us for centuries and their popularity is enduring. Beaded necklaces have been worn since ancient times to denote status. Not only glass have been used to make beads; wood, amber, non precious stones, metals, plastics, and even recycled cardboard have all been used.

Whilst fashion jewelry may not have the same intrinsic value as it precious counterparts, there is a significant interest in antique and vintage costume jewelry and many pieces are highly collectable. Today’s designs are highly eclectic and inspiration is taken from around the world. The use of acrylic beads allow modern designers the scope to make jewelry of colors and shape that simply would not have been possible in previous times.

The price of fashion jewelry can vary hugely, from extremely cheap to outrageously expensive, but with a huge array of fashion jewelry available finding something to suit you and your budget should not be too difficult. Should you be willing to look for jewelry retailers online then your choices increase enormously and most is considerably cheaper.

Whilst fashion jewelry may not have the same intrinsic value as its precious counterparts, but the sheer range of materials and designs available, you can find jewelry that is every bit as distinctive and unique.

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