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Why Are Handbags So Important For Female?

One of the most important accessories any woman loves to have a lot of besides diamonds is handbags. Handbags of every shape, color, size, compartments and any extras that the designers or not offs support us women. Guys can never believe how big some of our handbags can get but they certainly do not have any problems with giving us their stuff too! For instance, I only use GUCCI Handbags to carry a wallet but now we have a one-year baby Marc Jacobs Replica Handbags girl and now I can carry just about anything. He is forever handing me his blackberry, the truck keys, gum and whatever else he has that I can carry. The funny thing is though is that at times he will make a reference to the fact that my handbag is heavy and messy. Got to love the mind of a man especially when they do not understand the importance of a handbag; and not just any handbag but a women's handbag! Ladies, I don't know if you feel the same as me but a handbag can tell you so much about someone that you have an idea whether or not they are friend material. Have you noticed other women's handbags? Are they designers' handbags? Is it important for you to spend next month mortgage payment to have the much needed accessory to accompany every single different outfit that we own? Well in one word - YES!!! I know that it is hard to believe that you can pay anywhere from twenty dollars up to ten thousand dollars just for a handbag. I have seen some women even use the handbag for a diaper bag. Actually, I was in Las Vegas last year and I watch a lady spend fifteen hundred dollars on a handbag that was meant to be a diaper bad when her little one arrived into this world. Some would say crazy but I say if you got it then buy it. Life can be too short and you might as well enjoy every opportunity that life presents its self to us. It VALENTINO is very important to have a handbag that will be our security blanket.Sometimes though it can get very difficult to choose the perfect handbag for that special occasion or just about any occasion we Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags get the much need help from our friends or favorite family members I have seen too many choices and sometimes walked out the store because I felt a bit overwhelmed. I have been very fortunate though that I have some friends and family members who seem to know exactly what I need and purchase one for me as a gift. My sister-law and her family went to Hawaii this past year and brought me back the perfect sized everyday handbag. It fits absolutely everything that I need including a spot for personal items, cell phone, make-up and all my kids' toys. It even has a section for all my Replica Handbags husband's favorite Handbags item. No matter who gives us the handbag or where we bought it or what it's purpose it. A handbag is something that every woman should never go without and just think I use to be strictly a wallet girl!

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